Air Supply Rechargeable AS-300R Personal Ionic Air Purifier

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Product Description

  • Wein Air Supply AS-300R Personal Air Purifier
  • Rechargeable! No more expensive batteries to buy.

  • Helps defend against all harmful viruses and bacteria sized particles
  • 28 hours of run time per charge, charges via USB cable.

  • Propels cleaner fresher air into your personal breathing zone.
  • Portable, ultra light, mini and wearable.

  • Most air pollutants and contaminants are destroyed or forced away from wearer.
  • Ideal for air travel, movie theaters, waiting rooms or any confined space.
  • 75 feet per minute airflow.

  • Silent, fan-less, filter less and maintenance free technology.
  • Platinum permanent emitter vs. noisy carbon emitter that needs replacements

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