Large Crayola waxes, 12 units

  • LARGE CRAYONS: These Crayola Large Crayons are 4″x 7/16″ making them easy for small hands to hold when coloring.
  • BULK CRAYOLA CRAYONS: This set includes 12 packs of Crayola Large Crayons each with 16 colors.
  • CRAYON COLORS: Featured colors include Blue, Blue-Green, Yellow, Blue-Violet, Carnation Pink, Red, Red-Violet, Green, Brown, Violet, Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, Orange, Black and White.
  • ULTRA CLEAN WASHABLE CRAYONS: Wash easily from skin, painted walls, and most clothing.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Stock up the classroom with durable, washable Crayola School Supplies.

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Product Description

Perfect for classrooms, this Crayola Crayon Classpack includes 12 packs of 16ct Ultra Clean Washable Crayons. Our large crayons are great for small hands, and the Ultra Clean name means that each vivid color can be washed from skin, painted walls, and most clothing. Whether you’re looking for a bulk crayon collection for school or home, this set is great for kids.