Ribbon Bluetooth Headset – Black/Blue

  • Instantly transforms your iPhone speaker dock or stereo Hi-Fi into a (Bluetooth) streaming powerhouse
  • Great value Bluetooth streamer
  • Sound You Wear – Unique simple twist and go to attach to clothing.
  • Great sound – with APT-X audio streaming, near CD quality.
  • Double tap to access Siri/Google Voice Actions. Make and take calls.
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Product Description

Wear it or Stream it. Wear the BlueAnt Ribbon on your clothing and stream stereo music from your phone while you relax, when you work out or when you commute. You can even make or take calls with the intuitive controls or Simply plug the Ribbon via the supplied cable into the 3.5 mm jack of your iPhone Speaker dock or stereo Hi-Fi and to turn your non Bluetooth speakers into a Bluetooth playback system. Wireless music streaming in the home just got a whole lot easier.